Monday, May 26, 2008

Maybe not so elusive

Those of us in the business hear so much about the elusive eyeballs belonging to young people that it’s sometimes amazing to hear that kids these days have any eyeballs in their heads at all. I’ve written earlier that I’ve found that teens and college kids are still watching ads, but only the ones they like, and often on their own time on Youtube.

I’ve recently gotten word from some others planners on the street who are hearing similar stories, suggesting that the media habits of college kids haven’t changed as dramatically as we are always hearing. They still watch a lot of MTV and ESPN. They still recite lines from their favorite ads (e.g. “suck one”) with the same enthusiasm that the generation raised on “Where’s the beef?” and “Wassup” did. They still prefer watching their favorite shows on the biggest TV’s they possibly can (HDTV’s now) on the crappiest left-over furniture they can drag from their parent’s basement.

The biggest change from the previous generation seems to be that more girls are playing video games, making the wii a great way to get young women to join the party on your porch furniture.


Beecham said...

I could be wrong, but would that be a bit of a let down for the creative types in advertising? I mean, isn't it cooler to think, we can't reach them through basic ads through the same channels, we have to invent a new kind of advertising to reach a new kind of teenager raised in a new media world . . . ?

I clearly am totally out of it though: I had to google "suck one."

sk said...

It's cooler, for sure, which is why so many people are saying it. And in fact, in terms of big numbers, fewer people are watching broadcast tv (non-time-shifted) than they were a few years ago. But behavior always changes much more slowly than technology--even or especially in college--a fact which you are undoubtedly less clueless. It's one reason why sucking one or eating a five-foot footlong continues to have such a strong appeal whether the consumers are playing Mario or Grand Theft Auto IV.