Thursday, February 28, 2008

Top ten something or other

Been underground in focus groups and meetings for the past week and I’m emerging to restate the obvious.

Survey says:

1) Consumers have a virtually insatiable appetite for lists and rankings of almost any kind, even when
2) They have no idea what the source of authority or mechanism of selection for these lists might be.
3) Their ability to distinguish traditionally defined editorial content from paid content is rapidly decreasing. For many, the distinction is already irrelevant.
4) Everyone wants to read consumer reviews but almost no one wants to write them.
5) If people don’t have to pay attention to what something costs, they almost assuredly will not.
6) It's not very hard to confuse people about what something really costs.
7) A lot of people seem to really believe that illegal aliens are the chief cause of our rising health care costs.
8) Rich media can be really annoying
9) My second least favorite research question is now officially: "How much time do you spend on the internet?"
10) Every new generation of researchers believes they have found the secret to discovering what people really want or what UX pros now call “disambiguating intent.”


Beecham said...

And what's your first least favorite research question?

(still chuckling over "disambiguating intent"...)

sk said...

Least favorite research question: "Would you like that?"

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